Monday, July 4, 2011

Uncle Ben's Instant Success (Rice) – Microwave Success “IS” Oxymoron

There is no microwave success. There is no promise that you or anyone will raise all their funds in any single forum or get their money back from one forum.

The promise is hardened in pre- class kits, and legal contracts, which supersede any claim or representation by graduates or third parties of any nature. We live by our legal agreements as expressed in pre class materials and legal contracts.

Regular Forum use as designed for lifetime members tends for the vast majority to resolve any expectation the Forum is Uncle Ben microwave success. Our promise is that the Forum works to lower cost and lower time to reach growth goals. Other approaches take longer, cost more, and are not as much fun. Period.

It can take a number of forums to develop the collective critical mass for .....
capital legal compliance and investor momentum, or customer base momentum, for any brand. Almost all our “issues” from members flow from those at the bottom percentage (less than 15%) who enter with deep financial holes, developed over years of time, and which require some work to repair. The Forum is a service designed for three to fifteen year old successful and mature business owner and professional practices, and private investors, who want to play together to speed things up, within a commitment to grow skills via superior entrepreneur education, over time, not instantly. Skills are not popcorn in the microwave.

Adults acquire skill by repetition and practice. The Forum is a gym for CEO business owner skill advancement ten times over twenty four months, not a five day timer on a microwave.

Unrealistic expectation (we never know exists) creates success delays in any application. Our legal catch basins protect the greater network from unwanted blame transfer. Members contracted for a great education series. The education when delivered is complete. No more is required of the school (CEO SPACE).

Forward business occurs by decisions of each CEO and the use each CEO SPACE member creates from the community they now enjoy.

The school is never responsible. Never.

CEO SPACE is a multi-year oven pre-heated by almost 25 years of “heat”.

Virtually any future food will cook to ideal temperature within the Forum safe and pre-heated warm success oven over its proper time period for each item. Some are thicker and require more time in the oven. Some are easier menu items and mature to ideal success temperature more rapidly. At all times master chefs (the CEO SPACE mentor college) are checking and monitoring your journey all along the way. If you pull the food item out of the oven and allow it to cool on your shelf at home or you place your game plan into the fridge at home – success – can cool rapidly and spoil even faster. The fault lies not with the oven.

Always here.

Always waiting.

Always prepared to lower your cost and your time to reach a successful outcome.

All dough will rise with the right preparation and heat.

Your success loaf is best served HOT. July 22nd with the once annual CAPITAL INTENSIVE SKILLS TRAINING a new 2011 lesson plan coupled to more new lessons than any program in history – is a pre heated oven now a month away. Your choice is to bring your good will, your joy, your vision, your desire to always and forever improve your plan and improve your team and expand your resources in the HEAT of the Forum Oven.

Our all new green oven, using lasers which cannot burn anyone even if gloves are not worn, is here to serve all our members. Members from prior years especially appreciate the upgrades and use them more than any other member. Of course, you appreciate and know the work that has taken place to upgrade the Oven technology.

After all, the oven is YOU: Together.

Come play together. Be open-minded. Be open-hearted.

Our new films for Cities and States and other late films that define how far we have upgraded YOUR OVEN appear on you should grab and orange juice and revisit a faster better way to HEAT up your own success plan in 2011.

We just can’t wait to turn up the heat for your dreams.


Berny Dohrmann
Tarpon Springs, Florida

If you are already a member, see you there.

If you want information about becoming a member with lifetime benefits, email me
Kathy Hadley

Getting the information can change your whole business and is free!

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