Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BJ Dohrmann's Brain Child Super Teaching presented with Tony Robbins, and UAH President Dr. David Williams

BJ Dohrmann has been using his Super Teaching at our CEO Space forums for the entire time I've been a member. I also know there have been other classrooms and businesses implement it in their areas.

But earlier this month, Tony Robbins joined university of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) President Dr. David Williams to unveil the Super Teaching system to the world. They say this will help students more easily concentrate in the classroom.

The Super Teaching system - dubbed “Learning at the speed of thought” is the brain child of B.J. Dohrmann, president of International Learning Trust.

You can learn more about BJ Dohrmann by reading the other posts below.

Also, find out more on the Super Teaching system by clicking the post on the right and the press post below.

For more press on the event click here.

This truly is an exciting time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday BJ Dohrmann

Well, it is a big birthday for BJ Dohrmann, Feb. 7 and we wish him all the best.

I know this will be a particularly happy time for him as he has made so many of his life goals a reality.

The latest one, getting Super Teaching into the schools with the partnership of the University of Alabama is one of great importance. (Read more about Super Teaching at the link on the side of this page.)

We wish him many happy returns!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why I enjoy dealing with BJ Dohrmann

The reasons I enjoy being a part of CEO Space are extremely obvious to anyone who is a member and actively participates in the network.


Every forum, there are thousands and thousands of results small and large for people in every genre of business and the arts.

Connections, joint ventures, capital, clients................it just goes on and on and I will write more about all that in future posts at the other blog CEO Space.

But why do I personally like dealing with BJ Dohrmann.

Well, first of all he

A little background of BJ (Bernie) Dohrmann

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I want to start out by telling you a bit of the 411 on Bernard J. Dohrmann. BJ to some
and Berny to others.

CEO Space founder, Berny Dohrmann lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife, September.

He has operated CEO Space continuously since 1990.

Years of research and development went into the CEO Space service prior to release of the first program. Management includes a large team of in-house and remote officer experts supporting the firm's growing worldwide operations.

BJ Dohrmann's life story is being made into a Hollywood movie, an action adventure story with a social point.

A second movie is also in development, entitled E-TICKET, based on the best selling book PERFECTION CAN BE HAD, available at better book stores everywhere.

Berny is also the author of Super Achiever Mind Sets, and, in 2007, Redemption: the Cooperation Revolution.

For thirty prior years, Berny was a corporate coach and an owner of global investment banking firms.

Berny coordinates the very large and diverse CEO Fortune Faculty experts who instruct at the five CEO Retreat weeks.