Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why I enjoy dealing with BJ Dohrmann

The reasons I enjoy being a part of CEO Space are extremely obvious to anyone who is a member and actively participates in the network.


Every forum, there are thousands and thousands of results small and large for people in every genre of business and the arts.

Connections, joint ventures, capital, just goes on and on and I will write more about all that in future posts at the other blog CEO Space.

But why do I personally like dealing with BJ Dohrmann.

Well, first of all he
was generous enough to take the time and effort to create CEO Space and Super Teaching.

That alone is enough.

But additionally, he is actively participating in all of this.

I was amazed from the very beginning that you could actually sit down and have breakfast, lunch or dinner with him.

He will listen to your project or business idea and give you connections and advice.

AMAZING, is what I thought about that.

And working with him, on the network side................he is all about results and the numbers.

I liked that because that is how I am.

Hey, don't get me wrong..............I like going to events and listening to uplifting speakers and feeling great, too.

But you can't take good feelings to the bank. They don't pay the bills. They don't build your business or launch your book or make your movie or market your product.

The resources you have access to and the methods in which you access those resources at
a CEO Space forum DO get those results. And BJ Dohrmann is right there, making sure of it
every time.

I can honestly say that in all my years of business and entrepreneuralism, I have never seen
anything like this. Nothing else even comes close.

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